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Come to one of our many events and professional development courses. Be a lifelong student and reap the benefits in your career.

Valuable Connections

We partner with some of Australia's most respected and impressive businesses that are championed for their wonderful workplace cultures. We can provide you with valuable contacts.

Learn and Develop

We can connect you to programs and courses that build your confidence, public speaking abilities and communication skills.

One on One Coaching

Reach out to us and book in a coaching session. We will set some realistic goals with you, investigate career pathways and give you advice on internships & graduate programs.

LinkedIn Profile

Don't underestimate your online profile when it comes to job hunting. We can build you a high performance LinkedIn page. Get ready to be headhunted.

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Access our blogs, industry updates, special offers and networking opportunities when you subscribe to our online community.

“The secret of success is consistency of purpose"

Benjamin dISRAELI


Be Curious

Break the mold.  Don’t settle into a career that does not genuinely excite you every day.  The next generation of work will provide more opportunity then ever before. Jobs that did not exist years ago are now on the market, typical ways of working are being challenged and technology continues transforms the traditional jobs.

Seek Opportunity

Use your LinkedIn Profile, personal network and job boards to find your next professional opportunity. Don’t know where to start? Look around your local community. Are there businesses looking for staff? Groups or communities you can join? Actively find new experiences and take them on. 

Build Your Brand

Figure out how you want to show up to opportunities, events and jobs. Your professional brand is built from and portrayed by your online profiles, experience, presentation, resume and personality. Make sure you work out what impact you want to make when you walk into a room. Own it and always work on developing yourself. 

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$ 30
  • One on One career coaching
  • Set short term and long term goals
  • Discover meaningful opportunities
Per Hour

Graduate Resume

$ 80
  • Make the right first impression
  • Tailored to the role you are applying to
  • Stand out

LinkedIn Profile

$ 65
  • Get ready to be headhunted
  • Display your professional brand
  • Become visible to online recruiters

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