3rd October 2019
5.30pm - 8.00pm

Guest Speakers

Powerful Resources

Time To Shine


A celebration
of you

Identify your strengths

Find out what you are good at and start to consider your professional brand.

Tap into your passions

There is no point chasing a goal or career that you are not passionate about. Find the career that will light a fire in your belly.

Create a unique pathway just for you

Your professional life should be unique to you. Don't settle on a career based off someone else's opinions.


break the mold

Discover what the world has to offer

We will introduce the latest, most ground breaking roles and professions in the market.

Consider unique career options

Open your mind up to new opportunities and move away from traditional career pathways.

Find out what modern workplaces are like

Your workplace is going to be unique, techonologically driven and dynamic. Find out more about what work will be like for you.



Learn To Write A Killer Resume

We show you how to structure, design and write a killer resume.

Design An Effective LinkedIn Profile

Your online profile is gold, we show you what your LinkedIn page should look like in order to attract opportunities.

Interview Coaching

Hate interviews? This wont be a problem after we give you practicle tips and tricks that will help you smash your next interview.


network and
build connections

Hear From Successful Guest Speakers

Be inspired, be enlightened and listen to some new perspectives.

Powerful Network of Like-Minded People

Everyone at this event is interested in building a career and life that is successful, fun and long-lasting.

Open Yourself Up To New People And Opinons

Network at the event and hear about other peoples experiences and learnings.


Single Ticket

Get one ticket to join in on the fun. Score some cool merchandise and a career pack as well!
$ 35 Monthly
  • One General Admission Ticket
  • Merchandise
  • Career Essentials Pack

Double Trouble

The more the merrier. Bring a friend and score two tickets at a discounted price
$ 65 Monthly
  • Two Tickets at a discounted price
  • Merchandise x2
  • Career Essentials Pack x2


One ticket and a private session with CEO of Signature Success
$ 50 Monthly
  • One General Admission Ticket
  • Merchandise
  • Career Essentials Pack and Private Session

See you There

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