About Us

We Believe

In the power of a satisfying, meaningful, interesting and challenging career. Picking a profession should not be daunting. We are on a mission to make that decision a fun exploration of what this world has to offer and how you can contribute.

We Hope

That you can find a job that fills your belly with fire. We want you to be the best version of you -  both professionally and personally. We hope that we can help you find meaningful opportunities that give you a platform to genuinely grow and succeed. 

We Value Fun

Why should having a lucrative and successful career mean sitting behind a desk and doing a job that brings you no joy? Let's bring colour and passion back into the picture. There are thousands of opportunities, find the one that will make you smile.

Our Story

CEO and Founder of Signature Success

My final year at school was typically a whirlwind of emotions, stress and pressure with frequent reminders of the need to focus on our future and what exactly we were going to do with it!

Though that final mark was ‘not the be all and end all’ it certainly felt like it and for many it loomed like a black cloud at the end of the lengthy school journey.

Luckily for me, I had always known that I had a strong passion for people and training so a career in Human Resources was obvious to me. I remember at that early stage, wanting to help others explore the endless career possibilities out there; to understand and focus on their strengths and be open to the myriad of pathways available to them.

Some of my peers were not as clear cut on their career plans and lacked confidence in their abilities – I witnessed first- hand the effects of that pressure.

Post Year 12 and a year of work and travel I enrolled into University. I lasted two years then – feeling disenchanted and demotivated, opted to defer and leap into the workforce.

I knew exactly what I wanted – a career in Human Resources or Recruitment and I did not want to wait five years to get it. I applied for a full time, corporate role and got it.

Three years later on, I am learning more than I could have imagined and more importantly, am having fun while I work. This should be a journey that more young Australians have a chance to experience.

I founded Signature Success to help you turn your career aspirations into a reality -without the pressure and the stress or having to settle for a career pathway that does not inspire you each and every day.

we champion curiosity

Choosing a career and a direction for your professional life should be a fun and exploratory time of your life. 

Too often we are influenced by the expectations of others or we focus too  much on the $$$ to the detriment of the passion. An average working life is long, demanding and hard work – but if you have passion for what you do and who you work for. you can enjoy that life. And that is the difference that we want to make.

Signature Success aims to arm you with a wide range of options, information and ideas that are not necessarily in line with ‘typical’ career choices. We put the fun back into making such decisions and we make it easier to move out of a current job that is not fulfilling you. 

Who do we help?

Dream big

High School Students

Get excited, you get to start designing your life. Attend our events and open your eyes up to a wonderful world of work and opportunity.

Dream big

Kick start your career

Graduate and University Students

Time to fill up your resume with quality experience. Internships, graduate positions and networking provide you with fantastic opportunities. We can get you that experience. 

Kick start your career

Hunt down the right opportunities

Job Seekers

Professional and tailored resumes, cover letters, selection criteria and job applications. With years of recruitment and HR experience, we know how to get you to interview stage.

Hunt down the right opportunities

Time for a promotion or a new role

Professionals looking for the next step up

You are ready for more responsibility, challenge and satisfaction in your job. Let’s perfect your professional brand and equip you with impressive resources so that you move up the ladder.

Time for a promotion or a new role

Find meaningful work and start living the life you crave

Individuals in need of fresh start

No passion in your day to day working life? Life is too short. We are here to help you re-invent yourself. We will seek out fresh opportunities, boost your brand, update your resume and guide you through this period of change. 

Find meaningful work and start living the life you crave

Your career is our Priority

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CEO & founder of signature success

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